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Forgotten chicken wings are a tragedy, but this reaction is just a tad bit over the top.

A Minnesota woman has been accused of pulling a gun on Domino’s employees after they forgot to include chicken wings with her order, according to reports from WCCO. 59-year-old Holly Webb was charged with one felony count of violent threats, the television station reported.

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According to the police, a woman was seen confronting employees at a St. Paul Domino’s and said she was angry about the food that got delivered to her house. She demanded a refund and allegedly even pulled out a handgun, but when an employee ended up calling 911, Webb left in her vehicle. Police located the vehicle outside of the suspect’s home and took Webb into custody. A Domino’s employee confirmed Webb’s identity.

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The woman did admit that she had a gun in her glove box and that she had a permit to carry it, but she denied having pointed it at anybody, even after “confronted with the fact that the store had video surveillance.”

Holly Webb was charged with making threats of violence. If she’s found guilty, the maximum sentence would be five years, a $10,000 fine, or both.