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Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam Attends Funeral For State Trooper

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Via Bossip:

Throw the entire Northam family in the trash.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, you know, the one who was exposed as a blackface participant in his medical school yearbook? Right. Well, according to CNN, Northam’s wife, First Lady of Virginia Pam Northam, recently handed out handfuls of cotton to Black children who were on a tour of the governor’s mansion.

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If you’ll recall, Pam Northam restrained her husband from doing the moonwalk dance at his press conference explaining how he’s not racist or a habitual blackfacer, but he once put on blackface to impersonate Michael Jackson. At the time Pam called the press conference “inappropriate circumstances” for Ralphy Boy to bust out MJ’s iconic dance defiance of physics. Sounds like “inappropriate circumstances” meant more “don’t do the racist things we love in front of all these people” as opposed to “honey, that’s racist”.

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While guiding the children through the home’s kitchen Northam told the children holding cotton to imagine themselves being slaves in the fields according to one of the children’s mother in a letter addressed to the First Lady. The forces of Eddie Bauer evil are REALLY putting a damper on Black History Month.

The mother who aired out Pam Northam is Leah Dozier Walker who works as the director of the Office of Equity and Community Engagement at the Virginia Department of Education. Her 8th grade daugther had good enough sense to not accept the cotton the Northam tried to force on her. We imagine she gave her the most legendary side-eye of all time while doing so. Clap for her.

“During the tour of the Mansion Cottage, (Walker’s daughter) and two of her (fellow) pages were asked to hold cotton that the First Lady retrieved from a bowl on a nearby table,” Walker wrote in the letter. “Mrs. Northam then asked these three pages (the only African-American pages in the program) if they could imagine what it must have been like to pick cotton all day.”

Walker’s daughter also had some bars for Pam Northam. The Walker women are not for play.

“The comments and just the way you carried yourself during this time was beyond inappropriate, especially considering recent events with the Governor,” Walker’s daughter wrote to the first lady. “From the time we walked into the mansion to the time in the cottage house, I did not receive a welcoming vibe. It was very testing to know I had to go somewhere, and I had no choice as to if I went, I had to be respectful, and be on my best behaviour (sic), even when the people in positions of power I was around were not doing the same.”

Throw this whole family away.

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