Black History Month

We've got a special BHM segment of "News You Can't Use" for today, with resident clown Special K letting us in on a few Black inventions we rarely get credit for that are sure to enlighten while also making you laugh as per usual.

Backlash on the Internet ensued earlier today after a school counselor's letter from Sprunica Elementary in Indiana went viral for allowing parents to sign a waiver permitting their child from being taught lessons "related to equity, caring and understanding differences."

PUMA's latest partnership is aiding in the mission to ensure that African American hoopers pre-NBA are acknowledged, and their history is preserved.

Advocacy is the back bone of criminal justice reform and corporate America is backing the charge. 

There's a marriage between girl power and manpower in the push for criminal justice reform in our country. In honor of Black History Month, we're shining a light on the women behind it all, past and present.

Presidential elections are usually the period where voter turnout is massive, where Black issues become major talking points during debates, the thought that the “Black Vote” can swing any election grows from a whisper to a massive call for attention and then some.