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If the ever mysterious Saint Nick granted you one Christmas gift as an adult, what would you wish for?

As the holiday approaches some pretty funny hashtags are popping up online, including one that asks fully grown adults to dream up their grown-up Christmas lists. People are really getting into it, almost as if they truly are praying Santa Claus comes through on his sleigh to make it all happen for them. Hit the flip to see what’s making it to folks’ wish lists…they prove adulting is the ultimate struggle.

“House payments” because when you’re an adult you have to pay bills or face being homeless and hungry.

“A working time machine to erase past mistakes and relieve past glories. As well as, see into my future to ensure my happiness” was too real. How many of you would go back in time to change something if you could?

“For a grownup to be in the WH” took us out. No. 45 has been an absolute train wreck ever since he won the presidency and just like this wise woman tweeted, we’re ready for him to go too.

“Return my body to factory settings” is hilarious. Anybody else slowly morphing into their exhausted, grumpy ancestors and just want to press “reset?”

“All I want for Christmas is you… to pay off my student loans” had us like “yaaaaas!” To put it simply, student loans are a b*tch.

Requesting “Xanax and wine” shows you that adulting is definitely for the birds.

“Unlimited naps.” Remember back in the day when you hated going to sleep on time? Now, we can’t wait to lay down. #WeOld.

“All I have listed is peace and quiet,” @LoxRedFox wrote, which honestly says a lot. He could’ve wished for anything and ALL he wants is peace and quiet? He must have some loud kids, amirite?

We loved this one: “For world leaders to finally stop the rich and powerful from abusing the planet to line their own pockets, and take concrete steps for climate change before it’s too late to save the Earth for our children’s children.” The truth is that as a parent, all you have time to worry about is your children and how the lives of your children’s children will turn out when you’re not around anymore.

“I would like my daughters to get along for one day! Just one day!,” @chellemybell22 wrote and we felt her desperation.

“An unlimited coffee cup”…to give us the energy we all need so dearly, but no longer have.


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