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Remember Cyntoia Brown? The young lady who was sentenced for life for killing the man who was soliciting her for sex in a sex-trafficking ring? Well, a court just ruled that she has to serve 51 years before she can be eligible for release.

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This topic brought Jeff Johnson to call in and speak on his disappointment in the judicial system today. More specifically, police killings, by officers who are trained to protect themselves with more than just a gun and get off free when they commit crimes. When you compare the two extremes – a teen who was being forced into having sex and defended herself against someone she thought was trying to kill her versus police who have killed people who hadn’t caused a threat – it’s not hard to miss the lack of compassion for civilians. 

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“It just continues to speak to the inhumanity of certain groups of people within our system,” he said. “And it almost desensitizes us to just say ‘this is just the way it is.’ It reminds us of not only the reason we vote, but how we spend our money, the stuff that we supports, because these laws, the people in the Supreme Court, the governors you elect, are the ones that created the Supreme Court that allows a 16-year-old girl to spend 51 years in prison before she’s eligible for parol for defending her own life when she was in the predicament that she was. This personifies the insanity of where we are.” 

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In addition, Jeff Johnson also shared details on what an impeachment for Trump would mean for the country, and shared a positive story about a young man who was homeless and posed as a busboy for tips. The restaurant ended up hiring him! 

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