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When you see actor Michael Beach‘s face, you likely remember him from all of your favorite ’90s films, including Waiting to Exhale and Soul Food(In the latter, in which he played Miles, the husband of Vanessa Williams’ Teri, his character had an affair with her cousin Faith. Many still haven’t gotten over it.)

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But when you see his body, what will likely come to mind is “hot diggity damn!”

The star, who turned 55 on October 30, is a self-proclaimed “gym rat.” He shared a picture of himself for his birthday, topless, showing off the incredible work he’s put into building up his body, and fans of the actor were left quite shook. While the picture was eye candy for many, it was also inspiring, as Beach encouraged others to not let their physical health falter as they get older.

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“Trust me – age IS a factor when it comes to physical health but so are many other things in life,” he wrote on Instagram. “Don’t let excuses stop you!”

If you scroll through Beach’s Instagram page, you will see the things that are of importance to him, and that includes his family, his work and his fitness.

The actor has been hard at work when it comes to taking care of his health and wellness since early last year. He wrote of his goals:

“When you knowingly spend a few years participating in the self-destruction of your one and only body (crappy food often & the occasional bullsh-t workout) …. it is a long hard climb out of the deep hole you dug for yourself! Near the end of this year I enter my mid 50s (54 on Oct. 30th) and going through a solid year of real dedication to the gym and self control to good eating habits is something I haven’t done for almost 10years. Honestly, it’s scary to write it (speak it) out loud cause I feel like saying it so others can see, read, hear it means that it’s real. That I’m applying MORE pressure on myself to achieve something I’m not sure I can do. But at the same time, MAYBE, it’ll help me to be (not a beast) but CONSISTENT! Consistency is my problem in this part of my life. So today I killed it. But tomorrow I just wanna make sure I show up and give myself the chance to kill it or to just get through it. And then the next day and the next and …”

He has been consistent, as hoped, and the results are undeniable. Check out the new and super buff Michael Beach, and get some insight into his workout routine below.


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