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Ice-T went from performing “Cop Killer” on stage to playing one on NBC’s Law & Order: SVU, but it seems like the career choices of the rapper turned actor weren’t enough to help him register with the police brotherhood in real life.

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TMZ is reporting that Ice-T was recently found himself in cuffs in New York City for the dumbest of reasons.

Ice was arrested by Port Authority police Wednesday morning for toll evasion as he was approaching the George Washington Bridge on the New Jersey side. We’re told he tried crossing in the E-ZPass lane … for drivers who prepay tolls with a transmitter, but Ice’s didn’t work.

Ice-T apparently didn’t realize that and continued driving his brand new McLaren sports car, but was quickly pulled over by cops. 

You’d think police would let a celebrity live for not paying a toll, but nah. Things got deeper than an unpaid bridge toll as it turned out the Ice’s McLaren wasn’t registered. After they came to that realization they slapped the iron bracelets on him and hit him with ticket for having an unregistered vehicle.

Ice-T tells us he simply forgot to bring his E-Z Pass with him. He has 7 of them in his other cars, but didn’t have it in the brand new McLaren … which he says was just shipped from California. 

Again, we’re pretty sure police could’ve let Ice go and let him live behind the whole “Blue Wall of Silence” but them anti-police records cut deep and leave scars for life, b. Least that’s how we see it.


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