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Congressional Baseball Shooting

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In a perfect world, criminals wouldn’t target single women living alone. Okay, in a very perfect world there wouldn’t be criminals. But not much good is done by sitting around and wishing things were different. We have to A) Take steps to change things and B) Take precautions to be safe while things still are the way they are. And as of now, the way things are is that women are the victims in 80 percent of sexual assaults recorded by police. Even those with less sinister aims—like burglars looking to take valuables—still target women living alone, presuming they are less physically capable of defending themselves.

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No woman—with or without a roommate—should have men they just met over to their homes. You know very little of this man’s mental or emotional stability or his past. Women living alone should wait extra long to have someone over. If things go sour, they don’t want a revengeful and spurned man to know their address. First date safety should extend to several follow-up dates for women living alone. So, tip number 1…

Get mail for a fake roommate

Consider ordering a regular catalog to a fake person who does not live in your home. Subscribe to a magazine for a fictitious man, so that anyone prowling around your mailbox to determine who lives in your home believes a man lives with you.

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