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With local elections on the horizon, Chance The Rapper is continuing to use his star power and influence to contribute to politics in any way he can. On Tuesday, the Chicago native traveled to his native City Hall to make his official public endorsement of mayoral candidate Amara Enyia.

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Even though Chance is making his mark by endorsing a candidate, the rapper got the rumor mill stirring initially when he announced via his Twitter page “City Hall pull up” on Monday. Because of the rapper’s cryptic tweet and his prior involvement with politics, rumors started to fly that Chano would announce he would be running for the local office–but instead, he ended up backing Enyia. “I’m proud to announce that I will not be running for mayor,” he announced to those in attendance before revealing his actual reason for being in the building.

“I want to work with somebody that’s about change,” the rapper continued. “Somebody that’s about our community. Somebody that’s about equity. Somebody that’s about fairness. And the one person in my research of this wide-open race [whose] views align with me would obviously be candidate Amara Enyia.”

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In this life, vertical alignment >horizontal alignment. Internal clarity is invaluable. We live in a society full of external distractions and noise – where our choices are made by everyone and everything around us and their expectations, opinions, and limitations. Far too often people internalize those things and every life’s decision – every output – is driven by someone else’s or some other people’s inputs. That is not an authentic life. Life’s greatest task – even before finding ones ‘purpose’- is in learning how to tune IN. To recognize your OWN voice and to learn to trust it above all else. It’s a challenge because it requires you to tune out the noise and the distractions, and it also requires you to do things that may directly go against the ‘conventional’/status quo. Moreover doing so almost always guarantees a journey fraught with challenges. To embark upon anything outside of what seems ‘normal’ or ‘conventional’ is to open yourself up to significant criticism. You may be ignored, laughed at, ridiculed, underestimated, talked about, and even violently opposed (I’ve experienced most of these). These things are even more painful when the motive is pure. Be prepared for these things to happen, but know this: When something has been placed on your heart to do, it is there for a reason. And that conviction about it will give you the solid foundation to weather the storms along the journey. One will find that internal peace outweighs every external accolade or pressure. And perseverance, discipline, and GRACE in all things become guiding principles. #AmarameansGrace #DivineGrace #Endurance #TuneIN #StillSmiling Follow my Chicago mayoral campaign at

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Even without his actual bid for the position, fans have been hoping Chance would get more into politics for a while now. Just last year, a campaign called Chano4Mayor urged the rapper to consider running. “Rahm Emanuel has been in office since 2011,” the organization’s site reads. “In that time we’ve seen the closure of 50 public schools, the largest in history. The city shut down 6 of its 12 mental health clinics. The Department of Justice found a pattern of civil rights violations by the Chicago Police Department, including but not limited to the murder of Laquan McDonald. It’s time for change.”

Chance himself has been critical of Emanual’s work while in office as well and in September, he celebrated Emanual not running for a third term.

Though we’re not lucky enough to get an opportunity at Chance The Mayor, it’s great to see him use his influence for good while endorsing Amara Enyia.

Check out pictures of Chance with Amara at City Hall below.

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