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Cuffing season has returned and it’s time to make your plays! Not just for play, but for love, too. ’Tis the season.

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While some people opt for “Netflix and chill” during this time, other amp up on the dates and gifts to show their admiration. When asked what he does to let a woman know he loves her, Rickey Smiley revealed he gets her flowers on Dish Nation. Cute, right? 

Yeah, but, with Rickey there’s a catch. 

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Rickey told Porsha Williams he recommended edible arrangements and picking up flowers from the cemetery because “they throw them away anyway.” While it’s the thought that counts, we just want to advise to try a garden or flower shop, instead, if you go that route LOL!

How do you let a lady know you’re digging her? Leave your comments below!

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