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Jeff Johnson is back and has some insight on Nike’s business moves with Colin Kaepernick. He talked about a recent article he read that spoke about how Nike has donated more money to Republican candidates than Democratic candidates. Jeff then mentioned that although we’re happy that Nike is working with Kaepernick we need to understand what were their motives behind it.

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He asked,”Was Nike’s move a business decision or shift in corporate culture?” Jeff also spoke about how most companies don’t care about the people they support, but more so the profit they make off of it. Since coming out that they were supporting Kaepernick they’ve made $6 billion.

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Jeff also spoke about Leslie Jones and her proclamation. Katt Williams and Kevin Hart have been going back and forth after Williams said some things about Tiffany Haddish. Leslie mentioned that neither of the men supported her at the time when she was trying to get put on. Jeff believes the best part about putting people on is seeing the talent you’ve invested in and not making an announcement about it.

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