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Gary With Da Tea is back and Porsha Williams is joining him as a special guest! She recently announced that she’s pregnant and is expecting her first child with her boyfriend, Dennis McKinley. Gary mentioned that Porsha is glowing and is like a ray of sunshine.

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Porsha began talking about how she feels so good with her love on top and Gary had a quick come back with the fact that someone was definitely on top because she got pregnant. Headkrack mentioned when everyone heard the news you could hear everyone say “aww.” Gary thinks that Porsha is going to make a great mother and remembers her wanting a baby for a long time.

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Porsha can’t wait to nurture the baby and the fact that she is in love just makes the news even better. She mentioned that she kept being pregnant a secret because she experienced a miscarriage. Porsha wanted to make sure that the baby was in a good place before telling everyone. She can’t wait to find out what she’s having and plans on having a gender reveal party to celebrate.

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Even though her boyfriend wants to wait Porsha talked him out of that. She will be happy with a little boy or girl, she just wants the baby to be healthy. Headkrack mentioned that she should catfish everyone and dress whatever the baby is of the opposite sex. We are so happy for Porsha and can’t wait to meet the bundle of joy, congratulations again!

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