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Webbie is bringing old-school parenting back and he doesn’t care what you think of it. He explained his reasoning on why he put his children on blast recently.

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On Monday, September 17, the Louisiana native apparently caught his two sons in a very precarious situation. While working at his home studio in the wee hours of the morning he heard a woman’s voice; problem is he had not invited a lady friend over. Upon further inspection he found his two teenage boys in bed with a female and another boy. To their credit they were still clothed but it definitely drew the ire of their father.

Sweet Jones Jr. immediately brought them over to his kitchen area for a scolding that was done live on Instagram. The stream was polarizing to say the least; thus some applauded him and others felt it was too excessive.

Naturally TMZ caught wind of the incident and invited Webbie to defend his actions. In short he had no remorse for reading the kids the riot act. When asked what punishment he inflicted on them he made it clear that privacy is out the door. Literally. “I ripped the doors off the room. They don’t have doors no more,” he shared. “I don’t know what their parents did to them but I know my kids we still have more punishments to go across.”

You can view his interview recapping the ordeal below.

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