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Kevin Hart and Will Packer came by “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” to talk about the movie “Night School,” and so much more. Hart spoke about how the movie is about a group of people that want to obtain their G.E.D. Each character has a reason why they didn’t finish and he mentioned that it’s about embracing second chances.

They inspire each other, have some fun and we will have to see if they each make it to the end. Hart spoke about how he was never serious in school and even the most hard moments he would make them fun. Fans would be shocked to know that Hart played basketball in high school and Da Brat laughed at it.

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One reason why Hart didn’t continue college was because he felt like a failure at that moment and didn’t want to be embarrassed. Packer spoke about the time Hart came over to watch a football game and got to meet some of his fraternity brothers from Alpha Phi Alpha. They laughed at the fact they kept talking about college years and Hart mentioned he would never return to watch the game at his house.

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Hart then began speaking about looking up Gary With Da Tea’s Instagram page and how there were some things on it that he was shocked about. In one photo Gary is in a bathing suit and began talking about his line he’s coming out with. Hart told Gary that when the line comes out he might wear a pair on on his show “Cold as Balls.” He refuses to wear the thong one and even said he would buy 50 suits for fans. During the interview Hart also spoke about how Packer is a man of his word and has allowed him to be in so many of his films and how they have a great bond.

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