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Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood security does a good job of keeping A1 off Safaree’s arse. That’s where we ended last week in case you forgot so we start back there tonight. They calm down a bit and A1 asks him about what happened with Lyrica again, and Safaree gives a stupid, “It is what it is” answer. He also antagonizes A1, telling him that he’s going to text Lyrica and tell her how he’s acting, then he clowns A1’s sparkly shoes. Y’all know A1 has a flamboyant sense of style so that’s always an easy target for everyone. They stay coming for your boy’s pearls too. Anyway, this drama isn’t over but the friendship is definitely a wrap. Meanwhile, Lyrica has been staying with her mother, who plans to ride for her daughter.

Fast forward a bit. Now we’re at some Ray J business event on the heels of Safaree’s Eggplant Scandal. You remember when those photos leaked. Now we’re witnessing their reactions in real time. This doesn’t help given the current climate of friendship between A1, Safaree and Ray J with the latter feeling like he’s stuck in the middle. Brooke Valentine is feeling bad for telling Marcus that bit of gossip, especially since Lyrica kept all her tea to herself. She tells Bridget how Lyrica told her that Safaree’s thang wrapped around his leg. This was before Safaree’s pics leaked. So now it’s worth it to wonder if Safaree meant to Snap the pics the Lyrica and accidentally sent them to all of his followers.


Lil Fizz is back, and then we meet Roccstar, a new entry to the series. He’s a “superstar” producer so Brooke and Bridget hook him up with Apple, the stripper who wants to be a rapper who has been working with A1. Roccstar is with it, but A1 doesn’t know about this and you kind of get the feeling that this is going to be a problem later down the line.


Next we find A1 at home venting to his mother about the Lyrica/Safaree situation. Y’all know his mom never liked Lyrica anyway. Speaking of Lyrica, Lyrica’s mom, Lyrica G (that’s a lot of Lyrica’s) pays them a visit to try to convince A1 not to believe the rumors, but she does it in her, um, very passionate and eccentric way. Basically, she puts some base in her voice, which rubs Mama A1 the wrong way because Mama A1 don’t like Big Lyrica either. But then out of nowhere (or due to editing), A1’s mom throws some cornbread she was preparing and acting like a wild banshee, and all hell breaks loose. Some of that food hits A1 so he’s irritated. Then the moms start trying to throw hands and A1 kicks both of them out. That’s when A1’s mom gets super pissed and tells him that he went Hollywood ever since he met Lyrica anyway and that he think she’s better than she and his big brother. Then she says that Lyrica and her mom her Illuminati It’s a mess. This obviously isn’t a productive situation.


Now we find Apple in the studio with Roccstar and it’s just what we suspected. Roccstar is actually trying to steal Apple away from A1 as a way to antagonize him. Like, he wants her to just work with him, and he’s talking crazy trash about how A1 can’t help her, but Apple is hip to game (you know Strippers be knowing). She’s says that now she doesn’t trust Roccstar because how can you trust someone who acts like this. Even Roccstar agrees that he ain’t ish for this. So, Apple refuses to be a pawn and decides to take it on back to A1 and sort everything out. No hit producer that’s really about business would be trying to poach unknown talent. Apple is smart. Be like Apple.

Lyrica G continues her lunatic tour by attempting to confront K Michelle at her show. This is a show that Lyrica was actually supposed to open for but got kicked off. Y’all remember that. So, there’s that and then the fact that K Michelle sparked the Safaree drama. Lyrica G is literally outside K Michelle’s dressing room yelling and screaming for K Michelle to come out. Security won’t let her in. Paris, K Michelle’s former assistant, tries to talk sense into Lyrica G. That doesn’t work either but Lyrica G finally gets a clue and leaves. Then more drama comes in to play because Ray is also backstage with K Michelle. Moniece comes through to see K. Michelle and Ray J confronts Moniece about trying to throw a chair at his pregnant wife and for starting the rumor that Brandy was Ray and Princess’ surrogate. Moniece doesn’t care that they feel some type of way and tells Ray to tell Princess to stay out of her way. But Princess can’t wait until she’s clear again to deliver some fade.


A1 feels bad about the drama with his mom so he meets up with her for dinner, and it just so happens that his big brother is in town too so of course he’s there. The brother tells him he has some explaining to do for disrespecting their mother. Then they give him the talk about how he changed, and how how Lyrica is a problem and he should consider divorcing her. All that jazz and A1 doesn’t take kindly to this. The convo between A1 and his brother gets really tense and they actually almost fight. It’s like they’re not even related. Security comes through as usual but this situation is sad.

Finally, Ray J meets up with Safaree to get to the bottom of the situation with Lyrica because he doesn’t like being in the middle of his friends’ beef. Safaree maintains that he didn’t do anything but then says that he and Lyrica were having a conversation and that he “accidentally” sent her a picture of his meat.



Then Ray J pulls a genius move but also one of the oldest tricks in the book for extracting information. He lies to Safaree and says that A1 and Lyrica got back together because Lyrica admitted that it happened. Safaree is there looking like:


And that’s how the episode ends.

Now we’re getting really annoyed because that’s still not really confirmation whether they had sex or not. What does it mean, huh? They probably didn’t have sex and it could just be the picture incident, though. You know how they like to milk storylines to death.

Also, are you noticing how this is the Lyrica and A1 show all of a sudden? Who else is here for it?


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