3 Things Women Can Do To Help The Men In Their Lives Be Mentally & Physically Healthier [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]


Spirit is back and is talking about Urban One’s initiative on men’s health. Heart disease, diabetes and strokes hurt Black men the most in this country. Spirit wants to give some advice on what women can do for the men in their lives to help them with their health.

She mentioned that women need to stop measuring our men’s strength on how much hurt he can take. Let him get relief to feel like he doesn’t have so much on his plate. Make health agreements to see the doctor together once and year and not jut when the man feel pain. She also spoke about seeking therapy.

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Spirit wants us to have Jesus and a therapist. Sometimes it’s hard for men to talk about loss, pain and other things, but this will help not only their health, but their mental health as well. God put therapist on this earth for a reason and we must utilize them.

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