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Rickey Smiley took time out to make sure parents are having conversations with their children about what’s going on in America. He mentioned that this isn’t the same America it was 2 years ago. Since Donald Trump got into office many believes that more White people are showing their racist side.

Rickey spoke about how White people need to speak out and up more for Black people. He said if he watches a woman get raped and doesn’t help he’s just as guilty as the person hurting her. Rickey then played a segment of a news clip where the newscaster spoke about the cop tackling a Black teenager and the death of Stephon Clark.

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Listeners then called in about some of their experiences and one mentioned he was fired for his political views about Trump. Another caller spoke about how his daughters and wife were almost hit by two White women as they crossed the street. The cops really couldn’t do anything about it and it was disheartening. Rickey spoke about how he notices it more and more everyday.

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