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Grab a Kleenex now because Headkrack and Gary With Da Tea will have you cry from laughing. Rickey Smiley spoke about how once in a blue moon he might steal a candy bar to make sure his survival skills still work. Just in case he comes up on hard times he’ll be able to get by.

Headkrack told a story about how he went over this girls house and brought this promotional car that had his face on it. The girls ex-boyfriend came by around 2 am and was knocking on the door. The girl immediately turned the light off and they got really quiet. Unfortunately, the guy will always know Headkrack was in the house.

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Then Rickey spoke about the time Gary With Da Tea was fired for stealing from the radio station. Gary recalls a listener waiting all day for a prize and Gary felt bad because he didn’t win. They had Gary on camera taking an item from promotions and then giving it to the listener. The next day Gary’s key didn’t work and he was allegedly given the opportunity to get fired or resign so he resigned.

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Headkrack & Gary With Da Tea At The UniverSoul Circus! [PHOTOS]
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