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T.I. has officially put Houston’s on notice. The restaurant chain has been caught physically manhandling three Black women at a Atlanta location.


In a very fired up yet still focused video rant, the Grand Hustle mogul informed his followers that the eatery famously known for their spinach dip gets no more passes.

“So I got a message for Houston’s. For all we went though y’all gone allow old Guzman (security guard] to drag this young lady out the bathroom, through the restaurant, pushing her to the bushes and physically assault her. That’s what y’all gonna do? After I push my face on it. That’s what y’all gonna do? Guzman I need see you homes. Come do me like that. Come drag me through the restaurant. Ain’t no talk. we want smoke.”

He proceed to further explain his stance in a second post.

T.I. then went on to share the footage from the incident where one of the women in question is seen being manhandled and pushed to the ground with her arm behind her back.

He also reposted a photo of the victim who has obvious bruises throughout her body.

According to early reports, the three women were allowed into the restaurant after hours to use the restroom. Things went left when they reportedly wouldn’t leave the establishment when repeatedly asked by the staff. A security guard, commonly referred to as Guzman, used excessive force to remove them.

Attorney Gerald Griggs spoke on behalf of the victims in a statement. “We are seriously concerned with the level of force that was used,” he said. “They were injured, they sought medical attention. There are photographs and documentation of severe injuries which are more substantial than this.”

Back in October, the upscale dining brand faced charges of racial discrimination when several customers of color claimed they were denied service and were even asked to pay in advance for their meals. Houston’s has yet to formally comment on this most recent incident.

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