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For some people understanding what Migos is saying in their songs can be hard. A video posted had elders listening to the group and watching them. The company even wrote out the words for the elders to read, but they still didn’t get it.

As the first song came on everyone loved the beat and then read some of the vulgar lyrics. The elders didn’t agree with them exploiting women, talking about making drugs and felt they needed more of a positive message. In the last part they began understanding more of the lyrics and how they were talking about fashion and money.

At the end of the video the young lady spoke to the elders about the success of the Migos and how they had multiple songs on Billboard 100 as well as Top 10. The elders believe that the group will break up one day and go towards solo careers. Although they didn’t like the lyrics it is somewhat about what they grew up around. One of the elders said, “Music is poetry and poetry comes from life experiences.” Watch the video and let us know your thoughts!

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