Black Panther European Premiere - London

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Black Panther” is coming out this week and fans are ready to finally see it. In an interview with “Rise of the Black Panther” writer, Evan Narcisse, he spoke about how wonderful of an opportunity this was for him. Narcisse never thought something like this would exist and when he was asked to work on this project it was a dream come true.

He talked about how amazing this is for Black people to see “Wakanda” as well as a Black superhero that comes from royalty. Narcisse see’s this as an opportunity to get more comic book writers. He mentioned that if comic books are your passion you should attend more conventions, read more about developing these kind of books and have an original story.

Over the next couple of years there will be a lot more Black comic book writers because of “Black Panther.” During the interview he also talked about the amount of support this movie is getting. We can’t wait to see this film and read more of these comics.

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