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Nearly two years ago “New Jack City” celebrated it’s 25th anniversary by interviewing creators Barry Michael Cooper and Thomas Lee-Wright. Cooper spoke about how the character “Nino Brown” evolved. According to Ambrosia For Heads, he then talked about how he wants to have another storyline for “Nino Brown.”

Cooper said, “I’m writing—and I’ve written, a prequel and a sequel to [New Jack City] called ‘Am I My Brother’s Keeper.’ This goes into ‘Nino’s’ childhood, man—’Nicholas.’ That’s his name: ‘Nicholas Brown.’ [It explores] where he grew up and what he overcame to become what he was, and the larger issue of what he said at the end of that courtroom [scene]: ‘We didn’t bring the Uzis into Harlem,‘ don’t want to say no more than that.”

An interview with Ice-T confirmed that there was supposed to be another movie made. He said, “Oh yeah, the plot was after we took that fall, the new movie opens up with [‘Nino Brown’] in the ER, with barely a pulse. Then he flat-lines. [My character ‘Scotty Appleton’ is] there with the cops and everything. Then, right as he flat-lines, the mothaf*cka reaches out and grabs my wrist, and the pulse kicks back in. Then he comes back. The [sequel] was supposed to be something about him and me teaming up and going after the next-level gangsters.” As time moved on though they decided not to go forward with the project even though fans might of loved it.

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