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Love and Hip-Hop Miami begins with Shay popping off on Gabrielle, Pleasure P’s ex, because the latter two were too close for Shay’s comfort. Security shuts it down, but now Pleasure P is left to contemplate this mess he caused by not telling Shay that he still has feelings for Gabrielle. At some point, he’s going to have to step up and get real.

Jeffrey takes Malik up on his offer for dinner so they meet up on a nice balcony overlooking the city. Malik gives Jeffrey an expensive bookbag and that’s all it takes for him to get some nookie. Cameras only show them making out, but later Jeffrey reveals that it went all the way. Hold that thought.


Amara La Negra now realizes that Veronica Vega is a wack friend, but wait until she finds out about Steph Lecor’s shady arse. Hold up though. Right now, we find Amara confronting Veronica about the fact that she brought Young Nahllywood Hollywood to last week’s event without telling her. Veronica gets super defensive. Basically, she’s dead wrong in the situation but instead of admitting that she’s wrong she’s trying to flip it on Amara. This ends when the two of them cursing each other out and Veronica has the nerve to say that Amara is ungrateful because she brought Young Nahllywood Hollywood to apologize.


Meanwhile, Steph Lecor is watching this entire exchange just as silent as she could be, trying to act like she wants to stay out of it. But we’ll get to her in a minute.

Remember when Miami Tip was flirting with Gunplay’s girl, Keyara? Well, Miami Tip has Keyara come through the strip club to be in a video she’s shooting. Gunplay just so happens to come as well (Keyara invited him), but he’s confused because he wants to know how they even know each other. Miami reveals that she wants Keyara, but she’s actually down for both of them together. Gunplay says he’s down, but you get the sense that he’s trying to play off his bewilderment over the whole situation. Then Keyara starts trying to show off and be as petty as possible when she tells Gunplay that just like he can get a chick to fool around with, so can she.


Shay has a spa day with her girl Pooch (the promoter), who invited her girl, Liz. Liz is Prince’s (the other promoter) girlfriend, or ex-girlfriend since they recently had a falling out. Prince and Pooch are enemies on the promoter scene and Prince doesn’t know that Liz and Pooch are actually friends. But that’s not the only messiness. Shay explains what happened at the ice cream party the other night but didn’t know Gabby’s name so she calls her “Duck #1.” Then Liz talks about how she had a falling out with Prince over the fact that he was hanging out with his old family friend. This family friend is also Gabby, but they don’t know they’re talking about the same woman.

Back to Jeffrey. Bobby finds the book bag from Malik and questions Jeffrey about it because his intuition is ringing bells. Jeffrey lies and says Malik came by his job to bring it to him. That’s enough for Bobby to be done with the conversation and walk out. Imagine how Bobby is going to react when he finds out the truth, which is that Jeffrey and Malik actually did have sex.


Now back to Steph Lecor’s shady arse. She has a show and she invites Young Nahllywood Hollywood to come through because the gag is, she plans to work with him. But we’ve already established that he’s not difficult with light skinned women because…colorism.


Steph says that she likes Young Nahllywood Hollywood as a producer, despite his drama with her friend, so she’s going to work with him. As if good producers don’t come a dime a dozen.

But it’s just business right?


Then Veronica comes through with JoJo and is surprised to see Young Nahllywood Hollywood because Steph didn’t even mention that she was going to work with him. Now Veronica is mad at Steph and calls her out about how she just here on mute watching her argument with Amara. Then Young Nahllywood Hollywood jumps in and says it’s time to confront Amara for making this a telenovela. Basically, he’s trying to gaslight Amara, once again and he’s trying to downplay his part in the situation and make Amara seem like it’s her fault, and then Steph chimes in saying that Amara La Negra needs to get over it.

JoJo is sitting there the entire time like…


She’s Veronica’s friend but ironically, she’s the only one who does the right thing. She tells them they’re wack for trash talking Amara and leaves. This is what Veronica and Steph, who are supposed to be Amara’s actual friends, should have done from jump. It’s simple. Tuh!

But you know JoJo is going to run and tell Amara what’s up. You know what show this is!


Prince has a fashion show and Gabrielle is one of his models. Of course, Shay, Liz, and Pooch show up this is the aha moment when Shay and Liz realize they have beef with the same woman!


Shay decides to do the most by heading backstage to confront Gabby. Gabby reveals that P is her ex. Then Gabby’s friend, Chinese Kitty (apparently she’s an Instabaddie) comes out of nowhere and they all start arguing. Food and drinks get thrown, Shay’s wig gets snatched, you know, the usual.


And then in the preview for next week, Amara faces more trash talk from Young Nahllywood Hollywood, and Bobby is going to turn all the way up after finding out that Jeffrey and Malik got a thing going on.

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