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Stacey Dash has a lot of time on her hands and this week she used some of it come for Oprah Winfrey, the #MeToo movement, and Seal.

Last week Seal stepped in it when he criticized Oprah Winfrey among the clamor for her to run for President in 2020. While he later retracted his statements, Stacey agreed with his initial post.

In a piece for American News Hub, she headed up her length opinion piece with a disclaimer, stating that TMZ originally wanted her to weigh in on the beef between Oprah and Seal. In the intro, Stacey also claimed that her assistant tweeted a picture of Harvey Weinstein and Oprah and a separate post that said “don’t be fooled” on her behalf. While she’s not taking responsibility for those posts, she’s didn’t disagree with those messages.

“Seal spoke up,” she wrote. “He upset the homecoming, Prom Queen and Class President, Oprah. Seal walked back what he had to say. Fine.”

It seems that Stacey has a problem with Oprah, a self-made millionaire, being so popular with people across party lines.

“Seal’s entitled to his opinion, whichever one he chooses to support or retract,” she said. “With me, the use of his ‘words’ was done by an overzealous assistant who now knows better. However, I stand firm on my own belief that the kids at the cool table knew.”

Stacey also used her article to call The Golden Globes a “televised bully pulpit.” It’s unclear how she was hating from outside of the awards show when she couldn’t get in.

But she didn’t focus all of her ire on Oprah and Seal, she also took issue with the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement. Stacey, who claims that Harvey made a pass at her, doubts that Oprah couldn’t have known about his reputation for being inappropriate with many actresses.

Beyond that, Stacey believes that the male sex has been “has been under assault for the last decade,” and the current climate around calling men out is harmful to masculinity itself.

“Men kiss. They make the move. It’s always been because that’s how men are wired. It’s not toxic masculinity. Being a letch is not the same as being masculine,” she wrote. “Being an awful person is not the same as being male. Make no mistake; there are agendas at work here. There is a concerted effort to purge masculinity from society for whatever reasons.”

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