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Gabrielle Union is a beloved actress and has always been very real with her fans about a lot of things in her life. In a video posted from The Root, Union spoke on how being raped changed her life and the current sexual assault victims that came out about several different men. To her family Union is known as Nickie, but after being raped she mentioned she lost a piece of her.

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She talked about experiencing trauma and how Gabrielle became the phoenix that rose after being raped. The man that took her innocence was sentenced to over 30 years in prison and will be released soon. Union doesn’t believe though that people can be rehabilitated from rape. She then spoke about the victims coming out in Hollywood.

Union mentioned that it wasn’t until a certain type of woman came out about being sexually assaulted that people paid attention. She also said, “The pain of Hollywood white royalty was prioritized.” Union also talked about the other victims who have not come forward and the women of color who’s voices aren’t heard.

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