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Things just got real in these fast food streets. The popular chicken restaurant Wingstop thought they would be cute on social media, tweeting out a remixed version of Migos‘ “Bad & Boujee.”

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Wendy’s peeped the rhymes and they weren’t having it, so they channeled Kendrick Lamar.

Wingstop was NOT ready.

This was not some random jab making fun of friendly competition. This was a deep rooted beef. Wendy’s was waiting for Wingstop to run their mouth so they could put them in their place.

Well, Wingstop was not about to back down. They have a chicken empire to defend! The battle was on.


Wingstop responded to Wendy’s with the ultimate drag.

Then Wendy’s came in strong.

We were not ready.


Wingstop had to let Wendy’s know that their wings turn customers into addicts.

Once again Wendy’s came through with the heat.


Wingstop let it be known that they specialize in the chicken, while Wendy’s got no focus.

Wendy’s followed up with a bedtime story.


Wingstop clapped back and threw light shade at Syd to get their point across.

Wendy’s then finally threw in the towel. They got milks to shake and money to make.

Despite Wendy’s clocking out, Wingstop wasn’t going to let them have the last word.

There you have it. A battle wrapped in delicious fast food flavor. Who do you think won this epic feud?

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