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Rapper T.I. is never on to hold his tongue when it comes to certain issues involving Trump. TMZ caught up with him at the airport to discuss how he felt about Trump’s comments towards the incidents that happened in Charlottesville this weekend. Besides calling him a coward T.I. didn’t hesitate to say how he truly felt.

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According to B.E.T., the rapper said, “So earlier, you know, they applied pressure and made him denounce his white supremacy homeboys and his neo-Nazi partners, and after bipartisan pressure he denounced them, but I’m sure there was a phone call or some sort of covert meeting with them, saying, ‘What the f*ck do you think you’re doing? This is not what we elected you for!’ and then he had to come back and reverse.” T.I.’s dislike for Trump is beyond words, but we will keep you updated if he has anything else to say.

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