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The many views on Mo’Nique‘s feud with Lee Daniels, Tyler Perry, and Oprah Winfrey were on full display on The Real recently. Adrienne Bailon was not here for the Oscar winner’s approach.

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The former Cheetah Girl explained, “I have an issue with people thinking that every time someone is loud, or boisterous, or saying something negative that that’s them keeping it real.” She continued, “Why does it always have to be that just because you all over the place, and being loud, and making a lot of noise, that that’s the truth and that’s real? Why can’t keeping it real be classy? Why can’t keeping it real be ‘let me hold my peace and let me move  on’? Why can’t keeping it real be ‘you know what, they may have done that but I’m going to respect them and move forward’? Why can’t that be keeping it real?”

Loni Love defended Mo’Nique, pointing out that Mo’Nique’s jabs were apart of a routine. “That was her show,” Love said. “I say things on my show and I don’t want somebody taking ten seconds and then all of a sudden now you judging me from that.” Love then argued that folks don’t hold male comedians up to the same standards as female comedians. “The type of language that she used is the same type of language that Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, male comics do,” she said. “It’s just ya not hearing it cause ya not used to female comics.”

You can watch everyone’s heated point of view in the video below.

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