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All across the airwaves,  media outlets reported long standing children’s’ show, “Sesame Street” was pulling the skit of singer Katy Perry and Elmo’s remix of “Hot and Cold” off their season premiere episode due to excessive comments from parents complaining about too much cleavage from the “I Kissed A Girl” star.

What appeared to be a cute duet with Perry and the lovable Elmo, ended up as a questionable programming decision by the Sesame Street producers.  Once the skit hit the youtube airwaves, over one million viewers peeped the video and began to post their concerns and objections to Katie’s goodies all up in their face.  A flood of parents and parental-aged individuals boldly stated how wrong the duet was and how it wasn’t appropriate for children to watch.BGC_1

This story prompted me to continue to ask parents, babysitters, parental overseers- Are you paying attention to what your kids are watching?  Reality television is steadily on the rise! Even though that style of programming is in demand, are you falling for the hype and letting your kids watch shows like, “Bad Girls Club”, “Jersey Shore”, any installment of “Flavor of Love” or __________________( you fill in the blank)  Pick one.  flavor-of-love_l

What happened to turning off the tv and picking up a book or just plain ol’ family time?  Television is a kool past time but, we adults must guide and supervise our youngsters on what’s going into their psyche.  Honestly, during the school year, I believe their tv time should be limited anyway.  Yes, I understand our lives are busy and you can’t be everywhere however, we have an obligation to our future generation to provide a positive and uplifting environment so they can grow into amazing and inspiring individuals.

Make a difference because our children are our future.  We can’t fail them.  One Love.


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