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Outspoken comedian, actor and activist Dick Gregory spoke with Roland Martin Wednesday about the possible impact of a Donald Trump presidency and offered a warning for the nation.

During his appearance on NewsOne Now, the 84-year-old criticized the 2016 electoral cycle: “Anytime you got to vote for the lesser of two evils you’re evil yourself – that’s how Hitler came to power.”

Continuing his assessment of the 2016 presidential election, Gregory said, “Few people know that Hitler won election by 288 votes … and almost wiped the world out.” 

When asked where we go from here, Gregory responded: “We don’t go nowhere, ’cause it’s not your business … If you ever saw Trump’s television shows [they’re] brilliant – so how he get so stupid all at once?”

“If I went to apply for a job collecting garbage, they would ask me to bring in my last year’s tax return. You have a president he don’t have to bring his in and y’all tolerate it and don’t know where it’s going … that’s what it’s about,” Gregory said.

Martin asked what Americans should do in the next four years under a Trump presidency, prompting the activist to issue a stark warning: “You don’t have to do nothing … this country is not going to make four years, it’s over.”

Gregory explained the nation will head into a period of “decline.” He added, “The Romans, the Greeks, [and] the Egyptians, all of them failed.”

Diagnosing a perceived flaw in Black America, Gregory said, “Our problem is we think we [are] a part of this government and you’re not.” 

Speaking about Trump’s rise to power, his use of inflammatory rhetoric on the campaign trail, the appointment of a known White nationalist in Steve Bannon to Trump’s administration, and the protests following Election Day, Gregory explained the nation didn’t all of a sudden become this way:

“Everything you’re seeing … something’s wrong with it.”

Watch Roland Martin, Dick Gregory and the NewsOne Now panel discuss the state of the nation after the election of Donald Trump in the video clip above.


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