Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon, the chief White House strategist to Donald Trump has been fired, according to two officials who spoke exclusively to CNN. Bannon’s departure adds to the list of embattled advisors who have either left or been fired in the past few weeks. According to one of CNN’s sources, Bannon was initially given the option […]

  “Being white isn’t really a question of color. It’s a whole mental outlook. Every white supremacist cause–no matter where or when–has had Blacks on its side. And they didn’t mind fighting for the enemy, either. Today, with so many whites turning Black, why can’t a few ‘darkies’ decide to be white?” — The Camp […]

Dick Gregory warns that America could enter into a period of decline as a result of Trump's presidency.

Trump surrogates are backing the controversial appointment of Steve Bannon. Opponents worry about an alt-right leader influencing policy.