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Seemingly, the popular thing to do these days is to blame the Black Lives Matter Movement for every terrible thing that is happening in the world. This time BLM is being blamed for the “accidental” murder of the wife of a prominent Atlanta attorney. Apparently when the gun in his car accidentally discharged killing his wife, Claud McIver states that it was all because of the fear of BLM…seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.

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Since BLM protesters are so dangerous and unhinged, naturally Atlanta attorney Claud McIver feared that he would be carjacked, assaulted or worse, which is why he is claiming that his gun went off and killed his wife who sat in the passenger seat of the car. As reported by The Grio, the details around this case are already being highly speculated despite the accusation that BLM was the cause.


Via The Grio:


Claud “Tex” McIver, a prominent Atlanta attorney, says that he accidentally shot his wife because he was worried about Black Lives Matter protesters carjacking him and his wife.


According to McIver, he was sitting in the backseat when several individuals approached the car. There had been multiple Black Lives Matter protests in the area recently, and McIver pulled the gun out of the center console as a precautionary measure, Bill Crane, a McIver family friend, told the The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.


McIver claimed to have been falling asleep while the gun was in his lap and said that he didn’t remember pulling the trigger. The bullet passed through the back of the seat and struck McIver’s wife in the back, killing her.


This sounds like a Lifetime movie waiting to happen, complete with the ridiculous reasoning behind the wife’s death. Given that the case is under intense investigation, Mr. McIver perhaps should have thought of a better reason to clear himself of the crime because it’s highly doubtful that this will stand up in court, but stranger things have happened.


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