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Around the Games - Olympics: Day 7


UPDATE: Friday Aug. 19 11:20 A.M.

Lochte finally addressed all the controversy with this tweet:

It’s been a pretty crazy week for Ryan Lochte.

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First the Olympic swimmer said he was robbed at gunpoint by fake cops on Sunday in Rio. Slowly, his story has evolved, revealing there actually was no robbery. Instead, Lochte, Jimmy Feigen, and two other teammates were caught on camera vandalizing a gas station bathroom.

Now that the truth has come out, people are upset — and rightfully so. Even the same people who were cheering Lochte on while he swam have turned on him for lying about what really happened that night. One fan is the always outspoken, and usually right, Stephen A. Smith. On Thursday’s episode of First Take, Smith berated Lochte for the way he represented the USA.

You went to the Olympics to represent your country. You’re representing your country, you’re supposed to be as upstanding as you are. To fabricate a story to cover yourself, it probably ended up being way bigger than you imagined, but you still look like a damn liar, and you have now embarrassed yourself, and that’s unfortunate,” Smith said.

Lochte’s gotta be feeling pretty embarrassed right now, and we’ve yet to see how the Brazil courts will punish him and accomplices.



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