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Eazy E stops by Radioactive with host Colby Colb to discuss his split with Priority Records and his issues with Dr. Dre. On the topic of Priority Records, Eazy E said, “Priority happened to be the split of the group N.W.A. because they were interfering with contractual agreements.” When asked if the label tried to split the group members up, Eazy E said yes. ”They tried to pay Dre under the table; they tried to get Ice Cube to split up.” While Eazy said that he and Ice Cube are “cool,” he is not in agreement with Dr. Dre’s new image. “He never did this stuff in his life, never. Now he’s a hardcore G from the streets, with N.W.A he never sounded…tried to be so hard.” He also goes on to discuss a possible N.W.A reunion, and new music.