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Azealia Banks DIsses MTV

Don’t come for Skai Jackson unless she sends for you!



zealia Banks is not one to bite her tongue on Twitter. The vocal hip-hop artist is becoming more known for her Twitter rants instead of her music now and days and no that’s not a good thing at all. Last night Banks’ Twitter fingers got her in a Twitter spat that she probably wished she never engaged in. Things first got out of hand when Banks had the audacity to get at Zayn Malik accusing him of “biting her style”. She went on to insult his sexuality and his mother and spew ethnic slurs at the singer.See the disgusting tweets below:

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SMH Azealia Banks!


As you can see Banks didn’t stop shooting off her electronic clip at the singer, but he proved to be made of teflon and let off two scathing tweets of his own one giving out the rapper’s phone number and this gem:


Little did Banks know her night of agony on social media was only going to get worse. Young actress Skai Jackson was clearly tired of Banks nonsense (like all of us) and read Banks for F I L T H on Twitter. See the exchange below:

A meme with 2.3 million followers.

Take your L like a champ!


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Oh and the L’s kept coming, the internet also chimed in and let Banks know she got bodied by 14-year-old girl and rightfully so. Hit the gallery below to see how the internet reacted to Banks L at the hands of young Skai Jackson:


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