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Photo of Masta Ace Incorporated

Legendary Brooklyn rapper and Juice Crew member Masta Ace opened up about his Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis on Medium‘s Cuepoint.

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This is the first time Ace has told anyone other than his immediate family and a close friend or two that he has MS. He said he kept the secret for 15 years because he wanted to make sure that, “any love I was getting, any lookouts that I was getting, was purely based on my own merits and not based on somebody feeling sorry for me or feeling bad that I had this disease.”

Ace recalled his wife being very nonchalant upon hearing the news, but she was supportive in however he decided to break the news to the public. In the piece, Ace also admitted that he wasn’t able to tell his manager and tour mates the way he wanted. Instead, he was pulled over and searched in the Czech Republic and forced to explain why he needed so much medicine.

The Brooklyn MC also explained that since being diagnosed with MS, he’s dramatically improved his lifestyle when it comes to his eating habits and workout regiments. Both of which have made his live shows infinitely better.

On the music front, Ace revealed that his forthcoming album, entitled The Falling Season, is being mixed and mastered. The LP will take listeners back to his high school days, chronicling everything from his first day as a freshman to graduation; it even features a poem read by Chuck D.

Read the inspiring piece in its entirety here.


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