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If you recall the end of last week’s episode, then you remember that there was a lot of shady talk about Kim’s husband being “fruity” or “gay” (to the point where these women Googled the man). This week, we picked up from that conversation, at the moment when Messy Ray Ray (Sheree) spilled the tea to Kim about what was said. Kenya decided to poke more by bringing it up again with, emphasis on the fact that people call him “Chrissy,” while the other hyenas ladies kept quiet. Kim, never here for the foolishness, informed them that she and her husband are good and went to bed. Kim knows what’s up…


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The next morning, Kim met NeNe and Phaedra for breakfast. NeNe said that her part in the nonsense was that she was just joking around, wasn’t trying to be malicious, and that she felt bad. Kim said she felt like Kenya had placed a target on her back and NeNe and Phaedra both said they felt they same way at one point, so they gave Kim tips on how to shut Kenya down. Basically, they told Kim to get hood, but Kim said she refuses to stoop to that level.

“Why play dirty? I’d rather play grown,” said Kim in her confessional. This was the quote of the night! And if Kim returns next season, hopefully she’ll make that her intro tagline.


Later on in the day, everyone went for a hike at Dunn’s River Falls. No one got pushed off a cliff, and the day was a success. However, the drama was revisited over a jerk chicken and festival dinner. NeNe brought up Kenya’s wretched behavior. Cynthia chimed in talking about Kenya’s pettiness toward Kim, with emphasis on the chair pulling incident and how disrespectful that was. Kenya actually apologized for that. Kim said what she needed to say (you know she turned into the oracle again), and they surprisingly moved on enough to enjoy the rest of their night.

In case you’re wondering about Kandi, she, Todd and the Old Lady Gang are just fine keeping it drama free in the ATL, working on plans for their potential family restaurant.

Back in Jamaica, we find the crew enjoying another dinner on their last night. Peter thanked everyone for kicking with him in his homeland, but this is the small talk because you know where group gatherings always tend to go. The dinner didn’t go completely left, but someone had to express displeasure about something, that’s just the way these things go. This time around, Kenya and Cynthia had a chat about the ‘mercial drama again. Kenya admitted that her feelings were hurt, but eventually apologized for being a jerk and letting Cynthia down.


Don’t get excited though, it’s not like pigs are flying just yet. They’re okay for now, but you know another beef is brewing. If not with Kenya and Cynthia, then with someone else. See you next week.


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