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Rickey Smiley takes some time out of “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” to have a real, honest talk with the kids that are listening alongside their parents in the car or at home. He breaks it down all the way, reminding kids that they tend to take their parents for granted when all they want is to do whatever is best for their child.

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Click on the audio player to hear this important moment in this exclusive audio, and check out the full transcript of Rickey’s message below.

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RICKEY SMILEY:  Hey, man.  I just want to have a word with the kids, man, right now.  All these, uh, all you

wonderful teenagers that’s probably on the way to school or in the car, in the cars with your

parents right now, especially, you know, if you’re being raised, raised by other – this is Marvin

HEADKRACK:  I got you, give me a second.

RS:  Especially if you, you know, you got a single parent, you know.  I just want to say, you

know, and I’m talking about this because I’m going through it.  Don’t think for a minute just

because I’m on the radio and we got a little hot TV reality show that we don’t go through stuff.

There’s some stuff that go down when the cameras ain’t around.  And I want to tell you kids out

here, man, that have a single parent, man, your mamma sitting up here gonna work every day,

doing her thing, putting up with people crap, dealing with customer service, dealing with

patience and lipping and all of this kind of stuff, man.  Some of y’all out here don’t even know

how good y’all got it.  And y’all don’t even understand what most y’all parents went through just

so you could have what you have.  Everybody that’s in the car with your mamma right now, look

down at your feet, and look at your, and pull your pants leg up, and look at your shoes and your

socks.  Your parents done went and spent a hundred, a couple hundred dollars on shoes.  You got

nice jeans and you got nice clothes, and half of y’all ain’t even riding the bus, you’re getting

dropped off at school today.  You are so blessed.  You have way more than we ever had.  And

I’m, and I can say all this stuff man, because I’m, I’m from the projects.  I’m from the Kingston

Projects.  We grew up on Section 8.  And then to have kids to say something back, if your

parents say something to you, man, the only thing you need to do is say yes, ma’am, or yes, sir.

Yes, ma’am; yes, sir.  No, ma’am; no, sir.  We didn’t ask you who put the shoes on the floor, we

say get the shoes off the floor.  Even when you explain something is a slight way of being

disrespectful and talking back.  And I want y’all to understand something; every time you talk to

your parents, man, you’re cutting your days short.  The bible said honor thy mother and thy

father that thy days might be long upon the land, the lord and thy god giveth thee.  It’s in the

bible.  And I’m telling you, man, you round here, become a teenager, you ain’t about nothing,

you don’t pay no bills, you don’t pay no rent, you ain’t – we have to make you clean up, we have

to make y’all take, half y’all take a bath.  We have to make you take the garbage out on Mondays

and Fridays, or Tuesdays and Thursdays, or whenever, whenever the garbage is supposed to go

out.  You sit up in the house, you got brand new phones, you got iPhone, you got all these social

media accounts.  And, and a lot of y’all are just not respectful.  And I ain’t just talking about just

the couple that’s in my house, I see it, I see it with a lot of y’all teenagers.  And I’m telling you

something, man, you’re going to mess around here because some of your parents are in their

‘30s, some of them are in their ‘40s, and you better think about how you treat your mom and

your dad, especially if you’ve got a single parent, because a lot of, one of my best friend’s dad

went to sleep the other night and didn’t wake up.  You understand?  It ain’t guaranteed that your

parents are gonna always be here.  How you think you gonna feel when they roll your mom and

your daddy casket out of that church and the only thing you gonna be left is to sit back and

reflect on how you treated your parents, that went to work every day, to give you everything.

Everything.  You all got everything.  You all are so blessed.  And it’s disappointing.  I know a

little girl, it seemed like the more, the more money y’all parents make and the more y’all have,

the more unappreciative and disrespect y’all, I know, I know – I got a college kid right now, I got

a nephew, who I been raising the past ten years, his dad got killed.  T. West.  Played college

football at Middleton Tennessee State University.  Probably, probably can take me and dust my

whole house with me and whoop me up and down the hall if he wanted to.  And here a kid who

went to Clayton (00:04:26) High School and ain’t never gave me a problem.  Ain’t never talked

back.  Ain’t never whispered a mumbling word.  And his brother T.J. that go to Miles College, I

raised both of these boys for ten years, they ain’t never stand up and embarrassed their father.

T.J. in the ninth grade, Terrell, eight years old.  They dad laying up there in the casket.  A little

girl, Genesis, that go to Ramsey High School, sitting up there … couldn’t even cry for her own

mother’s funeral because she was too busy trying to comfort her grandmother.  She don’t have

nobody but her grandmother.  She got her uncle, their little niece, and she got me.  And for some

of y’all kids that got everything, and disrespectful, I’m emotional right now about all parents that

have to put up with this crap.  And the only thing we trying to do is save your life, keep you from

getting killed, because if your attitude bad you don’t even know how to handle yourself if you

get pulled over by the police.  Sit at the table with your phones, won’t talk, won’t clean up the

kitchen, want to text and be on social media all day.  I’m just gonna tell you, straight up, all y’all

are wrong.  And I’m gonna tell you, man, some of y’all, y’all little boys around here, pants

sagging, ain’t respectful, cussing out your teachers?  I feel bad for teachers.  I was an education

major.  I wouldn’t dare walk in a classroom.  I feel bad for teachers.  I want y’all to know and

understand god sit high and look low.  He’s watching you.  Every time you disrespect a grown

person you are cutting your days short.  Honor thy mother and thy father that thy days may be

long.  See, my daddy disrespected my grandparents, and I was one of them kids that sat there on

that front row while my daddy was in that casket.  I ain’t gonna lie; I ain’t gonna sit up here and

just play the funk.  My daddy wasn’t right.  He didn’t do what was right.  And at 26 years old he

was gone and left a seven year old son.  And then my mamma had to figure it out, and my

grandparents had to figure it out.  Sit up there and watch my grandparents on the front row

crying like that and going through what they was going through because you decided not to make

the right decision.  You have an opportunity of a lifetime to educate yourself and make

something happen.  Do the right thing, kids, respect your parents, man.  Your parents ain’t gonna

always be here.  They ain’t gonna always be here.  And if you mistreat your parents and

something happened to them you gonna regret it for the rest of your life.  So I hope that touched

somebody today, some teenager in the car, hug your mamma, hug your daddy when you get

home.  Clean up your room, do what’s right, make good grades.  That’s all you have to do.

That’s all you have to do.  All right, Rickey Smiley Morning Show, I’m going to do this every

nine then, because I’m going to keep it real because we just can’t laugh peoples’ problems away.

Now go have some real conversations over here.  The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.