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The use of the n-word in hip hop by white rap fans has been a controversial topic for years.

While some artists have addressed the issue in the past, Ja Rule was asked about it in a recent interview with Vlad TV, and gave quite an interesting answer.

The veteran MC was addressed about his use of the n-word on his family’s reality series, and then moved into the topic of how hip hop can keep white fans from saying the racial slur.

He told the outlet that “there’s no way around” keeping white youth from using the term, even sharing a story of a concert he went to where he heard it.

Ja explained, “It’s Hip Hop, man. The kids listen to Hip Hop. They use the n-word. Point blank, period. There’s no way around it. You know what I mean? I’m at a concert the other day. Nothing but white kids at the concert. Metro Boomin is deejaying and shit, right? What does he throw on? ‘All day, nigga’…And he’s fading the ‘nigga’ part. And those white kids are singing that ‘nigga’ word like a mothafucka. You know what I’m saying? I’m up in the balcony dying laughing because I’m like ‘Yo, what do you expect them to do? What do you think they’re gonna do?’ To them it’s a song. They just singing a song, having fun. So, now what do you do? Not play that song when you have a white audience and you deejaying? I don’t know—I really don’t know how to combat this.”

He then uses Justin Bieber as an example of somebody who may have received a pass to say it because of his age, as it surfaced in old footage of the singer.

Ja Rule stated, “Let’s bring Justin Bieber into this for a great example. He has the video that came out a few years ago. He’s singing ‘one lonely nigga’ or whatever. He got a pass. He got a pass because we all looked at it like ‘He’s a kid. He doesn’t know no better. He probably doesn’t even know the history of the word.’ But he got a pass. I don’t know why he got a pass, but he got a fuckin’ pass. It’s hard to determine who can say the word, who cannot say the word…The word has a different meaning now. It’s not the same.”

What are your thoughts on white rap fans using the n-word? Can it be prevented?


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