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Kenya and Porsha are somehow in harmony thus far this season, and decide that a girls’ trip to Miami is in order for the #RHOA crew. But about Kenya and Porsha’s newfound “friendship,” Porsha sums it up in only a way that she can:

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“We’ve been like oil and vinegar…is it oil and water or oil and vinegar?”

Don’t ever change, Porsha.


Moving on…

The entire group, plus Tammy and Shamea end up in MIA. When they get to their house, it becomes quite clear that Shamea is working extra hard to earn that peach. You already know she and Kenya don’t get along, and of course, Kenya is being shady, but you can’t even fault her here. Shamea is doing the most, and it’s coming off as desperate and annoying.

They celebrate their first night at a nice dinner that almost goes left. Sheree almost gets into it with Tammy over Bob Whitfield. Apparently, Tammy and Bob have been good friends for the longest, and Sheree feels some type of way about that. Kenya, being who she is, turns up the tension Sheree feels by telling her something that Tammy said before the trip. Tammy basically told Kenya that Sheree wouldn’t have married Bob if he weren’t a footballer and Kenya snitched. Tammy doesn’t seem as messy as the other ladies and actually owns what she said, but you know what happens when Kenya gets involved in anything. It really just seems like Tammy is being protective of her friend, but Sheree seems to think Bob and Tammy slept with each other. Tammy denies it, and seems believable. Kim, who is still clearly unaware of who this group of women actually are, is over the petty back and forth at the dinner table and drops some words of wisdom by stating that there’s a difference between instigation and information. Kenya takes this as a shot, so we can prepare for Kenya’s wrath toward Kim. Mind you, Kim actually still gets work in Hollywood as a director. Kenya should be smarter about this, but being the villain means so much more to her than actually acting professionally again so, whatever.

Moving on…

They end up at a day party the next day, where Porsha meets a boy, and church lady Phaedra is wearing another Phaedra Magic City special—this time it’s a slashed red net covering a thong that barely covers her big ol’ donk. Kim is mortified and tells her to put that thang away, everyone else (including us) is used to it. Later on, Kim has a meltdown because she can’t take being away from her family. Bruh, this is only a three-day trip! It’s okay to miss your family, but to have that much separation anxiety at over 5-years-old just isn’t healthy. To her credit, she at least commits to staying after Phaedra calms her down, but still…lighten up a bit. You did agree to do this show so, sympathy is thin.

The episode ends with everyone, plus a few men that got picked up along the way, including Tammy’s cute nephew and friend, kicking it. But you already know this is the calm before the storm. There will definitely be more drama next week.


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