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On a recent episode of “The Wendy Williams Show,” during Hot Topics segment, Wendy went IN on several stars’ personal appearance.

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While discussing Priyanka Chopra, star of the ABC series, Quantico, Wendy said she doesn’t like when stars as beautiful as Priyanka talk about their insecurities. Instead, she would rather less attractive and “visibly flawed’ celebrities to do the talking.

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Wendy referenced Madonnas gap in her teeth, Claire Danes “big nose” and she said the teeth of Grammy Award winning singer Jewel, “looks like she chews on rocks.”

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In another segment of “Hot Topics”, when referencing the weight loss of Star Jones, Wendy said the attorney and former host of The View was once “as big as five people.”

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While vacationing in Florida over the Thanksgiving holiday, paparazzi snapped some less than flattering photos of Wendy and now social media is having a field day!

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“…All the ppl she talks about & has the nerve smh” said Ebmarie  “…She’s look like a hot mess! She needs to be on her hot topic haha” commented 

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“The way she talks about everybody else and this is how she looks, every time they catch her off the show she looks worse” added the.retailtherapist

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In defense of Wendy, she’s 50 years old and recently lost twenty pounds so her skin isn’t necessarily going to be as tight and firm as a 20-year-old’s. The talk show host has repeatedly said her “party is in the front, not the back” referring to her breast implants. She also hasn’t been afraid to talk about herself in saying “I’m shaped like the letter P” in reference to her flat butt.

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Do you think the social media shade towards Wendy is karma? Is the talk show host wrong for her harsh and less than tactful criticisms of others? Or is she just doing her job?


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