Kevin Hart Put Fiance Eniko Parrish On A Wedding Budget, Should She Be Offended? [POLL]


Kevin Hart wants no parts of the wedding planning process, so he’s leaving everything in Eniko Parrish’s hands. When the comedian dropped by “Live with Kelly and Michael” to promote “Get Hard” this week, the hosts couldn’t wait to ask him how things were coming along with his upcoming wedding. Kev couldn’t really give an accurate answer because he’s been hands-off about

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“What man steps into that? I don’t want that headache.” Kevin stated. “You answer one question, and now you have to answer them all. That’s how you get trapped. ‘Honey, what kind of mugs do you want?’ If you answer one time, now you have to answer everything.”

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Since he’s giving her full control on what will go into their wedding, Kevin is content to allow the wedding to be the Eniko show.

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He explained, “I told her, ‘Babe, I want you to do whatever you want to do. Let’s make it your day.’”

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Kevin’s willing to give Eniko anything she wants for their big day, but that kind of free-reign comes with one condition. Kevin might not be helping to plan to wedding, but he’s set a limit on how big of a check he’s willing to cut for it!

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“She got a budget. ‘Here’s your number. Don’t you go past this number. When you get to this number, I don’t care where you, STOP!’”

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He’s not playing with that one rule, either! Kev joked that he doesn’t care if an essential component of the big day is missing; if Eniko runs out of money in the wedding budget, too bad.

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Gary With Da Tea seems to think Kevin Hart is wrong for putting Eniko on a budget. Do you agree? Should she be offended? Listen to what our listeners think and take our poll below to give us your take!

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