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Reality television has inadvertently consumed our lives the last several years.

Whether a fan of the programming or not, at some point you’ve tweeted about that infamous OMG moment, posted screenshots of a reality TV related meme or reminisced with co-workers, friends and family members about the “good ol days” when wholesome, family oriented television was a daily part of your lives.

Is it overkill? Possibly. Scripted? Some think yes. But where else can you find a former stripper turned singer/rapper a famous producer who is notoriously fathered over five kids and an independent business woman who turned herself into a porn star  on purpose accidentally, all wrapped up in one show?

Regardless of …what’s undeniable is some of the greatest moments on television came in the form of reality.

Let’s take a look back at some of  this years top moments.

1. Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Kirk Wants A DNA Test



Quite possibly the biggest are-you-kidding-me moment of the season came when Kirk asked Rasheeda for a DNA test for their newborn son Karter. Kirk even went as far as performing an at home test on his son without his wife’s knowledge.

His logic: after Rasheeda “mysteriously” came up pregnant last season in the midst of the couple’s marriage troubles, there was no way she could be carrying his child. So the unprotected sex with your wife had nothing to do with it. Oh.

2. Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kandi Marries Todd

The road to the altar was a bumpy one for Kandi Burruss. In a series filled with drama and emotions, the ‘RHOA’ star has faced off with her mother, Mama Joyce, who called her hubby-to- be everything under the sun. And let’s not forget about the never ending battle between the in laws, namely, Mama Joyce and Todd’s mother.


3. Mary Mary: Tina Finds Out Teddy Had An Affair

In perhaps one of the most hard to watch moments of the third season of gospel duo Mary Mary’s hit reality show, we learn that Tina’s husband Teddy has been unfaithful in their marriage. After revealing the secret of infidelity in an interview, what we see next is a spiral of emotions that not only effect Tina but Erica as well.


Everything proves to be too much for Tina when she breaks down in the middle of her concert and makes the decision to not only leave Teddy, but also take a break from Mary Mary.

4. Love & Hip Hop Hollywood: April & Omarion Have A Baby


Before the cameras started rolling almost none of us knew Omarion was in a relationship, let along expecting a baby. On this installment of the famed Love & Hip Hop series, Mona Scott Young and crew introduce us to April, Omarion’s sassy, opinionated girlfriend. The pair walk us through their pregnancy and we quickly learn that the former B2K singer was the product of a natural birth so they want their son to be born the same way.

What makes for possibly the realest and sweetest reality TV moment ever, the cameras capture April in labor with Omarion right by her side an even accompanying her in the birthing pool. 36 hours later we meet the couple’s first son, Megaa.


5. Braxton Family Values: Towanda’s Temper Tantrum


There hasn’t been a more intense Braxton moment than when Towanda famously went into a fit at dinner with her family. The result: broken glasses and a dramatic exit from the sisters that eventually led to an even more drama filled therapy session and sister’s retreat.

The line, “nobody f*cking cares!” left fans stunned that the normally mild mannered Braxton sister would go into such a rage after feeling as if she and her emotions were unimportant.

6. The Family Hustle: T.I. Gets A Mani/Pedi With His Daughters

Missing a reality TV show that you can watch with the entire family? T.I. and Tiny and their blended family of six pack plenty of sweet moments in the third season of their show. Such was the case when the rapper decided to spend some quality time with his girls, Zonnique and Dejah to talk boys, boys and of course boys.


What might have made for an awkward and embarrassing conversation for the two teenagers, what was painfully clear to all of us watching was the lovably nosy role the Atlanta rapper played in their lives.

7. Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Mimi Accidentally Makes A Sex Tape


When news first broke that Mimi had a sex tape floating around the world was seemingly shocked. After several rounds of denying and even lying about the contents of the tape, without much consideration she agreed to sell the “leaked” tape to a pornography distributor, thus making her a bonafide porn star.

Her take on it, the profits from the tape would help put her young daughter through college. We’re guessing getting a check per episode (not to mention hosting parties) couldn’t help in that feat.

Funny, sad, trifling or downright wrong — what was your top reality television moment this year?

(Photo/Video Source: Instagram, YouTube)

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