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The Ferguson Police Department has already determined its next steps as the world waits for a verdict from the grand jury in Darren Wilson’s case.

Tensions in Ferguson are on a rolling boil as Michael Brown’s supporters get ready to protest should the grand jury decide to clear Darren of charges related to the unarmed teen’s shooting death.

His fellow officers are also preparing for that possibility. Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson has told Yahoo! News that the Darren would “immediately” be put back on active duty should he not be indicted for gunning down the college-bound teen during an altercation in August.

The Ferguson police force has seemingly been ready to welcome Darren back at any moment as the officer has been on paid leave since he killed Michael. Tom also voiced his opinion that, despite the shooting, Darren is a good cop and a good man. Millions of people would disagree with that view.

Although Darren could basically return to work any day now (pending the grand jury’s decision), it’s not clear where he would be working as Tom hadn’t decided on an assignment for him as of Friday.

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This might make it seem like Darren could potentially get off scott-free, but one law professional interviewed by Yahoo! News thinks he’ll be paying a psychological and emotional cost for years to come.

“He’s always going to be dealing with the emotional scars of the event itself, not to mention the scrutiny he’s gone through,” said Dallas attorney Bob Gorsky. “It’s going to be a tough situation for him. Hopefully the department will support him if he’s not charged with a crime.”

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