Six years after police brutality stoked the fires that nearly brought the city to a halt with the tragic death of Michael Brown, Ferguson, Missouri, is stepping into the limelight for a different reason.

There has been a growing number of individuals who protested after the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014 who have died, either by murder or suicide. One prominent protester, Melissa McKinnies believes her son was the latest victim of such a killing. McKinnies found her son, Danye Jones hanging from a tree on October […]

Way too little of Ferguson, Missouri's population turned out for the mayoral election.

Instead, voters in the predominately African-American city chose to re-elect Mayor James Knowles III, the same man who during the 2014 protests said his city didn't have a race problem.

Ferguson activist Darren Seals was found shot dead in a burning car on Tuesday morning. He was the sixth Black man found under similar circumstances within the past two years and represents a major concern for the people of Ferguson. Rapper/activist and friend Tef Poe shared on NewsOne Now, “The community is clear on what’s going on […]

Earlier this week, the world lost Darren Seals, a 29-year-old activist who had been working for years, but was known for his work after the murder of Mike Brown in Ferguson. Jeff Johnson explains that the work of people like Darren always puts them at great risk. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Seals was found […]

A federal judge suspends school board elections in Ferguson, Missouri. He said the process discriminates against Black voters.

As we observe the second anniversary of the murder of Mike Brown by police in Ferguson, Missouri, Jeff Johnson takes a moment to spotlight on the Black Lives Matter Movement. It took the reigns in assisting the black voice to be heard in the national discussion that took place after the shooting. The movement had […]