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Daniel “Boobie” Gibson is opening up about the emotional journey he’s gone through since his split from estranged wife Keyshia Cole.

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There were conflicting reports about whether Boobie actually cheated Keyshia; when asked whether he’d remained faithful, Daniel honestly answered “no” before explaining that his actually instance of infidelity was never accurately reported.

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“There was an incident in the inside of our relationship where I was unfaithful to Keyshia. We tried to work it out like most people do,” he told “When that happened between me and Keyshia- that wasn’t even publicized. Everything else was publicized between the two of us but that was something that we tried to work through.”

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Daniel went on to say that although he’s very dedicated to the idea of marriage, he acknowledged that not everyone is able to remain faithful despite their own good intentions. Being as optimistic as possible, the NBA player believes that there is a lesson to be learned through his indiscretion.

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“I, for one, think that cheating should never happen,” he said. “I did a lot of self-evaluation after [our] relationship, and I know what I want out of life. I know what I want out of a woman. I know that I’m capable of giving a woman everything she deserves and needs. I just think sometimes things happen, and I don’t think God makes mistakes. And everything happens for a reason and we all grow the way we should grow.”

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Now that his marriage to Keyshia is pretty much over, Daniel believes that he has a better idea of what he wants in his next relationship. He’s not looking to rush into something serious right now, but he said he now knows “how to cherish and respect and all of the things I might have neglected or I might have not done well in my last situation.”

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Those were hard-won lessons for Daniel. I’ve learned through the depression I went through after losing Keyshia and I felt like [I lost] my son too in the sense that I couldn’t be with him every day,” he shared. “That whole thing took me into a deep depression. And in that depression I kind of found out a lot of things about myself.”

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One of the big things he learned is although he’d rather not be going through a divorce with Keyshia, he had to let her go. “If in fact, my spouse decides that she is unhappy, you can’t force happiness. You can’t force a situation because then you’ll just be unhappy,” he stated. “I will still be a father to my son and a friend to her, if she ever needs it.”

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