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Only the very most ratchet of all the ratchets speak unkind words toward another person’s child.  There is absolutely nothing within us that will allow for us to see a point in which that is ever acceptable.

Apparently, Tiny felt the same way because when someone spoke unkindly about her kids on Instagram, Tiny came out swinging in her response!

According to Vlad TV, the troll asked Tiny who the real fathers of her children are, because they felt that her boys looked nothing like Tip. Teasing didn’t stop there, as the user called Tiny and T.I.’s son King a “rude a**.”

Said Tiny,

“Have u found your own daddy h*e? U ain’t got time to worry about a made b*tch when u still tryin to get there! Stfu & watch carefully so u can learn something maggot!!”

Don’t come for her kids unless you are prepared to get blasted! Salute!

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