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Is Joseline Hernandez Strung Out?

“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” may be our Monday night guilty pleasure that provides laughs beyond measure, but everything isn’t all sh*ts and giggles. There’s something very real going on behind the scenes. Rumors of Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez’s drug use have been swirling since a photo of Stevie with a white substance on his cheek surfaced on Instagram. It appears that the rumors are true.

A man by the name of  “@Ferrari_Ferrell” posted several 15-second clips of Joseline Hernandez in the studio and the footage is disturbing. The reality star looks strung out with red eyes and sweaty skin as she screams at the top of her lungs. In one of the videos, Joseline comes for Nicki Minaj. In another video, Joseline screams about wanting the beefcake in her “gut.” It’s really saddening to see her in such a loopy state. It’s clear that Joseline is surrounded by people who do not care about her, why else would they leak such embarrassing footage?

Stevie responded underneath one of the videos, saying: “U a clown” and “U tryna get a name for ya self huh let Zino & Dantoni gas u up I’m on deck.”

A drug addiction could explain some of the couple’s erratic behavior. Earlier this year, Joseline alarmed fans when she claimed that Stevie was physically abusive toward her. The couple also broke up last month over Jos’ alleged cheating ways only to get back together the next week.

Watch one of the videos, below:

In related news, Joseline was booed off stage at a recent performance. As much as we love to watch her on TV, she’s got to let go of this musical career.

As if that wasn’t enough “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” news, Yung Joc is headed toward divorce! We know what you’re thinking… and no, he and Karlie were not secretly married. Apparently, Joc and Alexandria Robinson have been married for 13-years and have three kids together. SMH. According to TMZ, Robinson filed for divorce.

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