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There are nothing but theories running wild as to why Solange Knowles attacked her brother in-law Jay-Z in an elevator last Monday night after the Met Gala, but no real answers have been given as to what caused the fight.

We have a theory that we’d like to let you in on and see what you think.

1. Give Solange Some Help


Like we said in the “5 Crazy Theories” article. Solange wouldn’t be a celebrity if it was for her far more famous sister.

Now I’d hate to offend her since I’ve seen what she does to that that cross her, but is it possible that the whole fight was planned to get people talking about Solange?

She barely had any recognition at all but now everyone knows who she is. She has an album coming out in the fall, she’s being asked to come on to SNL this weekend to do a spoof of the fight with Jay-Z and her dress at the Met Gala (seen above) was hardly something anyone would want to be remembered for.

2. Steal Kelly’s Shine


It was announced today that Kelly Rowland, former Destiny’s Child singer married her boyfriend Tim Witherspoon this past weekend in Costa Rice. Now I always assumed that she and Beyonce had a pretty decent relationship, but is it possible that she didn’t want anyone to steal her spotlight especially when she’s on the ultimate high right now?

I would like to think Queen B isn’t that spiteful but you never know.

3. Boost “On The Run Tour” Ticket Sales


When the ‘On The Run‘ tour was announced this year, everyone was over the moon that they would be able to see a Beyonce and Jay-Z show live. Until they saw the ticket prices. The couple got a surprising amount of backlash for the high price of tickets from their fans and they haven’t sold as many as they planned.

Now, wouldn’t seeing a show with a couple whose marriage might be on the rocks instead of two perfectly happy people?

So fans might flock to see if the two performers will go off on each other on stage and you can’t put a price on that.