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Beyonce, Jay Z And Solange

TMZ released a video this morning of Solange, the little sister of Beyonce, violently attacking Beyonce’s husband Jay Z in an elevator following the Met Gala on May 5th.

We can’t for the life of us think of why Solange would attack Jay Z or why Beyonce would stay so calm while she watched her little sister beat the crap out of her husband but we have some crazy theories that we’d like to share with you below.

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1. Illuminati


It’s been rumored for years that Jay Z and Beyonce are part of the secret organization known as the Illuminati which is supposed to be a group of celebrities, politicians and other power figures that pull the real strings of our society.

Maybe the reason Solange attacked her brother in-law is because she needs to prove her worth before she can join the club?

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 2.03.07 PM

2. Publicity Stunt


Another possibility is that this could be a good old fashioned publicity stunt. Solange has tried to have a music career with very little success. As a part of Jay Z’s label it might be beneficial to have her known for something before she releases a secret album of her own.

After all: there’s no such thing as bad press.

3. Bipolar Disorder


Last summer Solange cancelled her European tour due to mental illness. She confessed that for years she’s struggled with her unpredictable moods and tried to control them with medication but the stress became too much so she had to cancel her tour.

It’s possible Solange was simply off her medication or is having another break down due to stress.

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4. Jealousy


Sadly Beyonce’s celebrity status hasn’t really resulted in Solange being launched into super stardom. To be completely honest if it wasn’t for Beyonce no one would know who Solange is. And she was wearing one of the most atrocious dresses at the Met Gala this year.

Perhaps all the jealousy got to her and she just snapped.

5. Affair

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 12.47.34 PM

A while back it was rumored that Jay Z was having an affair with his Roc Nation artist Rita Ora. While they both denied these allegations maybe there’s a grain of truth to them, and if not Ms. Ora there might be someone else who caught Jay Z’s eye.

It could be that Solange attacked Jay-Z for hurting her sister, which might explain why Beyonce did absolutely NOTHING to stop her sister.

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We’re glad that Jay Z didn’t reciprocate Ms. Knowles’ attacks but we can’t help but wonder what happened. Let us know your crazy theories in the comments below!

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